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Emotionally intelligent Worry Box for children. Promoting Positive Well-being, Courage and Resilience. For the adults who love them and totally enjoy nest building. Listed in Gift Guide 2018: 10 Super Cool Gifts for Kids (USA)

Dr Mary O Kane Early Years ” It is absolutely gorgeous, for any little one in your life, but particularly for any children with worries or anxieties, this would be such a wonderful tool. He comes with a great little worry pad where you can write down any worries and tuck them under Sam’s wing. Cannot love this enough (and no I do not have shares in Buddy Bench Ireland 😂but I love everything they do!).”

Sam Builds a Nest - Child's Book (ONLY) for Courage and Resilience


Sam Builds a Nest - Child's Book (ONLY) for Courage and Resilience 02

Buddy Bench Ireland are delighted to launch a limited edition of Sam Builds a Nest. This beautifully illustrated book is designed to help children aged 4+ develop resilience and work through any fears they may be having. "Sam Builds a Nest" uses the metaphor of the nest to explore the challenges of leaving your comfort zone and coping with change. The child learns how to build their own nest with instructions contained within. Children feel deeply but sometimes find it hard to express in words their troubles and parents don't always know how to be their advocates. This book gives children and parents a tool to listen to what they are telling you and the challenges they are facing in their lives.

Sam Builds a Nest tells the story of how a young child learns that your safe place – whether that is at home or in your room, in a den or wrapped in the arms of someone you love – is just like a nest:

it keeps you safe, but one day you’ll need to spread your wings and fly.

Sam Builds a Nest tells the story of Red the Robin, that plucky bird, who must leave his nest, take to the skies, and discover how large and wonderful the world beyond really is. And if a Robin can always find room in the world for a new nest, so can Sam!

Sam Builds a Nest tells the story of a mother who wants nothing in the world more than to feel that her child is safe and able to meet the challenges of growing up. She learns that while a nest is always only temporary, and must be rebuilt each spring, her child can integrate the image of the nest, to learn over time that the most lasting nest is the one inside yourself, made of love, courage, resourcefulness and the wonderful memory of a loving hug.

But Sam Builds a Nest is also the story of a writer understanding what resilience really means.

Sam Builds a Nest is dedicated to the small child in all of us who sometimes gets a glimpse of the great big world out there, and is torn between wanting to rush out and explore, and needing to feel safe and at home.

Sam Builds a Nest provides what you need to learn together that we can carry a piece of home with us always, while making the world our own today.

A beautifully illustrated children's book, written to inspire children find and build courage and resilience already within with a specially written personalised message from our author to your child.

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