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Buddy Bench Ireland’s  Little Buddies Early Years program for Courage and Resilience. Aimed at preschool children preparing to transition into primary school.
Transitions are a critical time for children’s growth and development. They provide an opportunity to not just survive change, but to thrive and grow from change. Facing such a challenge, with the right support behind them, children can develop resilience and resources of strength and courage that will stay with them their whole lives.

Delivered by local Psychotherapist Michelle O’Brien, the program uses storytelling, roleplaying and creative activities. The programme is 1 hour in duration, beginning with an explanation and discussion around how to use the Buddy Bench. The story begins with the theme of thinking, and introduces Kin the fox. There is a corresponding puppet for each section, and one of the children come up and help with the puppet whilst another sits on the bench. It is a fully interactive programme and each child gets to play a part. With the theme of thinking, I discuss how they might begin to try solving their own problems first, e.g. how to sort out an argument with their brother or sister, before asking for help from Mam or Dad. It is to teach responsibility and give them a sense of ownership and pride.

Little Buddies program

” I would like to thank you guys for our Buddy Bench and Robin we love them and we constantly remind the children to “LOOK UP, LOOK AROUND AND LOOK OUT FOR EACH OTHER” and have lots of chats about emotions and how we can deal with them.  This is a brilliant programme and a great way to teach the children to have empathy, express their emotions and be kind to one another.  Michelle was absolutely brilliant carrying out the workshop the children and us early years teachers loved it. ” 
Siobhán O’Brien Brandon Community Playgroup

“Resilience is about being able to feel your inner strength when you need to go outside your comfort zone and take on the challenges of growing into the world and finding your place,” says Michelle. “Just like the Robin in the story has to stand on the edge of the nest, gather his courage, and take off, so that he can fly high and find his own nest!” To book your Early Years program email us at

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