Buddy Bench Schools

We are extending our reach daily both North and South of Ireland. With the support of Buddy Bench Ireland, a child who is fearful, anxious and confused about how they feel can communicate it. The Buddy Bench team aims to reach every pupil in Ireland, seeing this as an early intervention to tackle mental health problems across the generations.

Our Vision 
Our vision is a future where each child is supported to thrive throughout their school years in a community that priorities their mental health.

Our Mission
We see this as a way to help Irish society as a whole, by teaching children as young as three, as early intervention being key. This will tackle the stigma surrounding children’s mental health changing our culture for generations to come.

Ultimate Goal 
We are working alongside others to build a generation who will not only be able to express themselves with ease and compassion, but also help those around them, and those they care for in future, to do the same. Improved mental fitness will have associated benefits for the home environment, schools, workplaces, the health care system and society as a whole.

Schools Map

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