Buddy Bench

                                                                              Buddy Bench Motto is “It’s Cool 2B Kind”
Buddy Bench Ireland is a not for profit, award winning evidence based school child-led positive mental well-being programmes that empower children and young people. Buddy Bench cover topics such as positive mindset, resilience, coping strategies, interpersonal and social media relationship skills, fostering kindness and friendships being key. 
For children aged three to nine we use a physical Buddy Bench™ as a visual tool alongside our Buddy Benches (made with lots of TLC by the Mens Sheds on a national level) Kindness programs to help instil much needed lifelong tools and emotional skills that will build resilience and well being into their adult lives. The younger children take delight in the story in our interactive workbook, told with the help of our four furry woodland creatures who interact with a bench and a child. Each animal represents a thought or a feeling and we discuss how to recognise and respond. It is open-ended story allowing free will of the children’s imagination.
For children aged nine to twelve we empower them to be Ambassadors of their own mental well being, their friends and teach them the importance of a Whole School Approach to mental well being. We encourage them to embrace “It’s Cool To 2B Kind”. For the older students we use the Buddy Bench as a symbolic visual tool ONLY to teach them how to identify and express their feelings. The Buddy bench reminds us to be our kindest selves. We celebrate children who act with compassion, kindness and empathy.

We are increasingly talking about wellbeing in the workplace, and bringing an authentic quality to our work, being gentle with ourselves, and with others around us.
Acts of kindness within a real-life working environment shows how kindness really does create a positive ripple that affects the whole workplace culture. See the Kindness @ Work fundraiser. 


The Challenge

A state of well-being in which the individual realises his or own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully and is able to make a contribution to his or her own community. The best children’s Mental Wellbeing strategy is one that prevents issues from arising in the first place. Early intervention is central to the Buddy Bench approach.

Buddy Bench™   “It’s Cool 2B Kind” are evidence based school positive children’s mental wellbeing workshops that empowers children to foster friendships, kindness and help eliminate loneliness in the school playground.We as educators have the ability to grow mindsets of caring and compassion in our children.