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Buddy Bench Ireland
Community Building
Millennium Court
Co. Kilkenny

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Tel: 056 7702027
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1 comment:

  1. Mommy was sad; I saw tears in her eyes.
    I asked, why so sad? I was missing her smile.
    I told her about the bench in our school,
    it’s not just a bench, oh Mommy you fool!
    It’s a bench I can sit, where children will know,
    I’m not feeling great, it’s a place I can go.
    Let others see, it’s not just for show,
    hurtful feelings, don’t let them grow.
    I sit on the bench, children know,
    I feel small, not ten feet tall.
    Be nice to your buddies, show some respect,
    love and compassion is what I expect.
    This bench is for children, but now I can see,
    big people need benches; they’re not just for me.

    Something to think about Buddy Bench Ireland!

    Flora McKnight.