Buddy Bench Magic in Cushinstown Co. Wexford

Buddy Bench Magic
If it takes a village to raise a child, what if a whole country came together for the good of our children today?

In 2014 our team knew one day we would achieve our goal, on Friday 7th of April in Cushinstown NS Co. Wexford we realised our goal is achievable. The Buddy Bench Movement is alive.

Our purpose is to empower a generation of children to create a world where it’s  normal, natural, easy and fun, to express yourself. The importance of friendship, inclusion and support will be recognised. Our goal is to reach every child in Ireland, and our route to market to date has been Primary schools. We know we need the support of parents, parents associations, teachers, leaders and the decision makers, thankfully we have it.

Brendan Howlin TD with Cushinstown's Pupils

One action point is to “Work closely with the Department of Health and other Departments on the National Taskforce on Youth Mental Health and the Pathfinder Project which will consider how best to introduce and teach resilience, coping mechanisms, greater awareness to children and young people, and how to access support services voluntarily at a young age.” Our ambition at Buddy Bench  is to be a partner in / provider of this service.

"I hope it's one of many to happen in County Wexford and beyond" Brendan Howlin TD

"Bringing the positive side of mental health to you" Minister Paul Kehoe

"It's not just a seat it's also a symbol" Michael W D'arcy

James Browne TD

We had a good conversation with James Browne TD, Spokesperson on Mental Health from Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford about the progress Ireland is making on introducing positive mental well being into Irish primary schools. It is gratifying to witness the passion and dedication of one decision maker. We are happy with this collaboration and look forward to what it might bring.

The sun shone, the children sang "You've got a friend", parents teachers, family and friends gathered for what was very much a day to remember.

It was extra special for us to have "our friend" John Evoy founder of Irish Men's Sheds, he has been an inspiration for many years now, he is humble and great and it was wonderful to meet him in his own homeland. The children were very lucky indeed to hear him speak, wise words.

buddy bench ireland
John Evoy and James Browne TD
Cushinstown parent's association, school staff and parents did a fantastic job in organising such an event, the atmosphere was so positive and what a great gift to give their children. Now for the Buddy Bench itself..........go see this one for yourself. Thank you to New Ross Men's Shed for making this Buddy Bench.

The children of Cushinstown N.S. we do hope you are very proud of yourselves, you have been a fantastic school to work with. Enjoy your Buddy Bench, remember what you all learned in the programmes, we are proud you are part of this movement of positive mental well being.

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