Our News- This Is Working

We’re working away here developing the creative materials that go along with our "Buddy Bench Aware Program".

The simplicity and openness of the story at the heart of the program invites the schoolchild’s imagination to ‘rise up’ to meet the various situations of the main character.

Through this exercise in listening and imagining, the children experience qualities of empathy and connection, and the importance of having, holding and honouring one’s own thought processes;
feeling, containing and articulating an emotional state;
knowing one’s needs, and asking for what you want;
developing an awareness that others have similar thoughts, feelings, wants and needs;
the mutual value of sharing one’s inner life;
and the already present emotional capacity of most children to engage in these exchanges.

We’re so proud of the sensitive creative innovation happening here, and of the great kids that are testing the material and guiding our efforts.

This is working!
By Jeffrey Gormly
Creative Advisor

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