Our Message To The World

Our Message to the World

Buddy Bench Ireland sees a future where the health of each child is nurtured and cultivated throughout the school years. The values we cultivate with the Buddy Bench Awareness Program include creativity, mindfulness and communication as core competencies that support each child to build personal resilience. The Buddy Bench Aware Program is oriented around Thinking and Feeling: having confidence in the value that each person brings through their own uniqueness; & Finding a voice and Listening: the social value of self-expression, empathy, and mutual understanding. Supporting the capacity of children is one leg of the stool that supports an emotionally and mentally healthy economy. The other two legs are the willingness of the school to gather around the child with a challenge, and work together with the child, parents and others to find initiatives that help the situation; and the expertise, and readiness to listen and learn, of the organisations that appropriately resource and support the school to cultivate mental and emotional well-being. We pride ourselves on being one of those organisations. We are learning every day how to better deliver our value to classrooms and playgrounds. We want to bring the Buddy Bench, and our creative Awareness Program, to every school child in Ireland!

by Jeffrey Gormly
Creative Advisor

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